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The Heretic Institute of “The Dideban Centre for Strategy” is a bank for inaccurate and false news.

Commentary Darvishanonline: "However, amateurishly they reveal accurate information about their methods!! Mohammad Javad Mahrabi, head of the heretics bond in the notorious institute called ”The Center of Religions and Sects in Qom” reveals the strategies and methods of this seditious and devious organ against Dervishes and Sufism. Javad Mehrabi is an element belonging to the Iranian security information with association to the “Basiji Security Information”, subset of "Cyber ​​Corps and network war" against the so-called "deviant sects" (!!) and is one of the elements of, "The Dideban Centre for Strategy" (!!) or as they say, "The Center of Opposition against the Opponents of the Islamic Revolution" (what a bogus statement!!!!).
But let’s look at his complete speech – an interview that he has made with himself (!!!) and has published in the fallacious site known as Dideban (!!) – is indicative of how false these wide, long and precious information sources of the organization known as “Dideban" are (!) and how they are in illusion which results by looking through the holes of their opium smoking pipes. This collection of news and information, expressed by the so-called Dideban site quoted Mr. Javad Mehraby, is so ridiculous, brainless and non-realistic that could have only been from those who consider themselves to be better than us or as they say “from our invisible army of Jinn". About these unknown sources can only be said “those who cannot hear the truth are complete liars”.
However, this mouth-filling title is for emptying the treasury and misusing what is the right of the public under the pretext of strife and enmity against Sufism and dervishes. But it would have been much better if these gentlemen officers of soft war had attended two or three terms in kindergarten to improve their own weaknesses in Persian language!!

Nevertheless, although the information presented by Heretic Mr. Javad Mehrabi is ambiguous and false (to an extend that does not even need to be challenged and denied!), but to him who unveils the strategies of these heretic organizations against the school of Sufism and dervishes and highlights their methods should be said “bravo“ and “well done”!"

This is the article and interview of Dideban:"Investigation of behavior of influenced elements into the strayed Gonabadi Dervishes sect in an interview with Hojjatoleslam Javad Mehrabi.These tiny parts of Colonialism Dideban:In the conference which was held in the Nixon Foundation Mr Steven Schwartz, a Western analyst presented the following analysis:-“one of the things that help the West to succeed in regard with Islam is the return of Sufism in these societies which is a rival and an alternative to radical Islam”. Mr. Schwartz continued: “pluralism and moderate Sufi Muslim in the world may have a decisive role in the transition period of Islamic world." “The following is an interview with Hojjatoleslam Javad Mehrabi, a top expert on deviant sects and the Director of Institute of religions and sects in Qom, by the research group of religions and sects of the institute of Rahbar-e-Dideban, in order to expose the backgrounds of few figures of this sect.”The manufactured and shamble sect of Sufism is so sweet in Westerners’ mouths that they are willing to invest on it so that they could create doubt in the real Islam and hence attract number of naive people in the camp of disbelief and shame of dervishes. Some time ago in a conference held in Nixon Foundation Mr Steven Schwartz, a Western analyst presented the following analysis:-“one of the things that help the West to succeed in regard with Islam is the return of Sufism in these societies which is a rival and an alternative for a radical Islam. Pluralism and moderate Sufi Muslim world may have a decisive role in the transition period of Islamic world.” This is the policy of British politicians   whom were renowned for their old colonial policies and are now resorting to a deceiving modern and cultural colonial approach to retain the same title of “The Old Fox of Politics".
Hojjatoleslam Javad Mehrabi, a top expert on deviant sects and the Director of Institute of religions and sects in Qom in an interview exposes the background of few of the elements of this cult.Dideban: What sort of person is Mostafa Azmayesh who has been known as the spokesman of Gonabadi Dervishes? Mehrabi: He is not considered as one of the key figures, but is more known as a person who works for the sect and because of his activities against the regime and efforts in the sect, his position has been enhanced to a spokesman of the Gonabadi Dervishes. Dideban: What was his reason for being so keen to join Gonabadi Dervishes? Mehrabi: His family from the beginning had tendency to traditional dervishes’ trends.  His tendency increased during when he was a student that is when he succeeded to develop a greater capacity of devotion to the cult. Of course, his father was also a Gonabadi dervish who had a weak religious affiliation. This dervishes’ element, Azmayesh later due to his strong friendship with Shahram Pazooki during 2000-2001 entered cult’s organization. Having said that, prior to this Azmayesh did not have any inclination to Gonabadi Dervishes. Before this, Azmayesh was mainly involved with Iranian Sufism Journal, which was established by Mr. S. Pazooki and Mr. Tabandeh, the Master of the Gonabadi Order, and also Haghighat Journal. Dideban: You indicated that this tendency also existed in Azmayesh’s Family?Mehrabi: Yes! Azmayesh are three brothers. One of them is a Dervish and a university lecturer, who does not get involve very much with the Gonabadi Dervishes.  Another brother was a communist guerrilla, whom in the second round of attack to Amol during 78-79 was killed. Mustafa is the youngest of the brothers. His family had some desire in being Dervish, but not a strong one. His wife and daughter, who currently live in France, have no tendency to Sufism. In fact, in this family the only person who mostly work for Gonabadi Dervishes is Mr Azmayesh.Javad MehrabiDideban: How had the recent division within the dervishes been created that made the Head of the cult to announce that he does not have any speaker?Mehrabi: In fact Azmayesh was self-proclaimed speaker of the cult, which was accepted after awhile. After the event of the Friary in Qom, he presented himself to the world media and by giving media interviews became known as a spokesman of Nour Ali Tabandeh. It is important to mention about his other activities. He has an assistant named Laleh, who is the executive director of Haghighat Publishing Company and has a job of collecting data and emailing them to Mr. Azmayesh. In fact, Nasr-Allah Laleh was one of those who used to give refuge to the families of Hypocrites (M.K.O). Some 2 years ago, he was convicted of acting against national security and hypocrisy and was arrested. Laleh is also the secretary and driver of Mr. Tabandeh and in order to retain his position of gathering information due to his link Mr. Tabandeh uses the title of Laleh. However, in the recent sectarian tensions and conflicts which have been reflected in dervishes’ media, it is worth mentioning that extreme involvement of Mr. Azmayesh in politics and his collaborations with oppositions outside the country was not to the liking of Mr. Tabandeh, and when the head of dervishes found that Mr. Azmayesh has become so political and with the support of other heads of cult has started opposition and struggle against the regime, realized that the  situation is inappropriate, especially that these are against their claims and slogan of the cult saying “total peace and non-interference in politics”, and as the result of this Mr. Azmayesh has incurred high financial cost  to the sect. Additionally, after his collaborations with oppositions, foreign agents, MKO and Bahá’ís, Mr. Tabandeh saw the opportunity to save himself from Mr. Azmayesh’s self interested widely spread propaganda and to distance this element from other dervishes.   Because of this, in his New Year’s written and spoken messages to dervishes, Mr. Tabandeh officially announced that Gonabadi Dervishes do not have any spokesperson. Dr. Mostafa AzmayeshDideban: What was the hunger strike of some dervishes in prison about?Mehrabi: You see! I very much disagree with the half hearted approach against these seditious elements.  According to the court they were imprisoned, but their link with outside was not disconnected and they started comfortably to write letters and communicate and spread the internal information of the cult. Additionally, their lawyers were not controlled, neither and even when they increase the pressure to the regime, in some cases the response was short coming! Let me give you the example of the Christian Abraham Firoozi, who was arrested for disrupting national security and collaborating with foreign agents and whose sentence was execution, but repented and after spending 10 months imprisonment was released. Just a day after his release, he was contacted by one of us and requested a Holy Bible and he replied that he was no more in that path! He had repented and did not want to be any part of that, but the very next day using a public phone line he contacted us and after apologizing   he emphasized that his phone at home was bugged and that was the reason he could not properly answer before! He then asked for an address to bring the Holy Bible. There are many cases like this that because we have dealt with kindness and compassion they have been exploited.Dideban: Apart from the loss and destruction that you implied, what other things that could  cause harm?Mehrabi: At the moment the charges of the 12-13 dervishes who have been imprisoned for about one and half years have not been announced. When a person is arrested usually within 2-3 months the charges are announced and his/her file is closed. Here we have kept them for 2 years. You can see that the two dervishes who were on hunger strike mobilized the whole world against us! Now the question is what happens when they are released!? Even now we have been too lenient by transferring them from one ward to another. The fault is in the judiciary system.Dideban: In your opinion, what is the solution?Mehrabi: In this case we would need a special judge to deal with files relating to the cult. Some judges do not even know what these cults do? I worry that other denominations misuse this opportunity. So far we have arrested many Baha’is. Even they, so far have not done such a thing, and we know that the influence of Bahai’s in the International propaganda machine is very high and if they learn to do the same kind of strikes, I think this would not be very good. Dideban: Who did the Gonabadi Dervishes in the previous presidential elections supported and what their function in 88 conspiracies was?Mehrabi: They were different in the last election. The Head and other cult’s elders favored Mr. Karroubi and this was because of Karroubi’s longstanding relationship with the organization and also because of the destructive character of the spirit of Karroubi and they knew that Karroubi for the purpose of getting public opinion and presidency would do any thing. Hence, they invested on him and furthermore, other leaders of the sect tried anyhow to save the broken body of the organization by directing the followers towards Mousavi. But in the last election, they did not support anyone openly, but many were supporter of Mr Hashemi. Before the election, they partially considered Mr. Mashaee, but it did not materialized as Mr Mashaee was disqualified as a candidate. .Dideban: So how do you think the problems with these kinds of sects should be dealt with?Mehrabi: You can define different strategies against sects. Firstly, scientifically infiltrate doubt and uncertainty into the body of cult.  Secondly, create full-scale war between the leaders of the cult. We have to be more active than today and be able to manage the situation and   then should enter the realm of engagement and absorption of people from within the cult. These people are recruiting and attracting people one by one! We did not do these things and then expect to attract them easily by writing articles! This task is the responsibility of clergy and non-clergy students who are engaged in advertisement in social networks and institutions. We should also make stronger scientific discussions and create powerful mistrust, suspicion and apprehension within the structure of these sects. We should highlight their weaknesses and then discuss these weaknesses and challenge them. Dervishes of Gonabadi are concerned of their genealogical tree and Order tree of their heads. These two have created parallax. In the Order three of Shah-Nemat-Allah, except Imam Ali (AS) there is no Imam, but it is different in the genealogical tree. We should put our finger on their weaknesses where it can be broken, scientifically and logically challenge them and create a friction within them."—————————————————————————————————–Darvishanonline reports further about the situation of Dervishes:"Heretics of Qom do not stop threatening and being seditious, subversive, devious, treacherous and strayed. Hostilities of clergy students/mobilized heretics with beard and mustache of Dervishes Followers of the school of heretics who have launched multiple anti-Sufism sites to create disunion, on one hand by sedition and deviousness are occupied to cause harm to dervishes and on the other hand with the help of other heretics of the same school tie hands and feet of Dervishes in dark dungeons and then shave their beards and mustaches. These various money grabbers of heretic sites do not pass a day without using a foul language, which is indicative of their likeliness to swearing and using vulgar words.
Quick look at the exaggerated comment of Mohammad Jafar Mahboob about the character, greatness and miraculous act of Haj Nayeb Alsadr Masomalishah, son of Haj Agha Zain Al-Abedin Shirvani Rahmatali Shah, the wise, rich in pen and well-informed author    of  Tarayegh Al-Haghayegh has caused the heretic site, known as Adyan-Net, whish is a subsidiary of  the Crafty Security Information Systems  and is the same as the heretic sites which are affiliated to the "institute of religions and sects in Qom” – to allow itself to unfairly insult both the editor and the author of the book and to consider himself as the owner of  the "holy pen"!! It is surprising that if this self-claimed, but empty of content person has got things to say, why he does not participate in a live television discussion program of Dorr TV through Skype link and only tries to shave the mustaches of dervishes in dark dungeons. Why are they in fear of exposing their ignorance in a live television discussion and presenting themselves under the judgment of wise and honest world of Persian language speaker viewers?!!"


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