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Attacks of the “Circle of religions and sects of the Intelligence ministry” against the path of followers of real Islam and to Dervishes continue – Following the publication of a press statement of the" International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran” on Wednesday 31th of July, about the emergence of new planning techniques of "The Press Assembly of Security System" linked to the "Circle of religions and sects of the ministry of Intelligence" against the followers of Sufi and Dervish orders in Iran, in its press/security websites affiliated to “the law breakers forces with secure backings”, took a new step in showing the true nature of the design of this plots of the "Circle of religions and sects of Intelligence ministry".
Fergheh News website which on Monday 29th of July in an article entitled ”the Gonabadi sect’s resources from solemn vows“ accused Gonabadi dervishes of drug trafficking, with the publication of another article on Saturday 3rd of August, entitled “ The human rights committee published a statement against Fergheh news”, with referring unskilfully to the disclosure statement of the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran, accused this organisation of human rights and defender of minorities and diversity in Iran of supporting the drug traffickers! And added: "the Gonabadi Dervishes in reaction to the article of ‘The Gonabadi Sect’s resources from Solemn Vows’ have expressed that the content of this statement is dangerous and by supporting the drug traffickers have indicated that after the cruel judiciary system on drug traffickers and execution of some of them, one should not be believed their statement on Dervishes”. 
These Shamelessness, unconstitutional and unethical actions, and unfounded and baseless allegations without providing any evidence and documentation by security propaganda system against minorities and followers of diversity of religious in Iran, do not have any borders and limits. This increases social turbulence and destruction of the trust in the structural part of public opinion towards the law breaker ruling system of the Iranian courts; as we have recently witnessed, Sufi followers of Yarsan in order to disclose the incoming cruelty against their followers, committed self-immolation in front of the parliament, to awaken conscience of the whole world.
International Organisation to preserve human rights in Iran
Berlin / Washington / Toronto
German branch/ Sunday the 4th of August


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