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“Sufis chum up with the West and betray their own country”

According to Adyan News, one of the most important issues that are considered is addressing the issue of sects which must be looked at from different angles. This includes the status and role of cults. About this, there has been an interview with Hojjatol-Islam Abdul-Rahim Biranvand, a lecturer and a senior specialist on religions and sects which has been summarized as follows:
Rasa: “How do you evaluate the status and roles of sects in the regime?”
Biranvand: “I think that one part of the puzzle of the soft war of the enemy is the discussion about sects. That is to say that one of the things that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have used as trenches and fortress to attack and hit us is the creation or strengthening of sects”.

Rasa: “According to you how can we measure the position and status of sects alongside arrogance and colonialism?”
Biranvand: “I believe today the issue of colonial arrogance and sects can be divided into two categories. That is the enemy, in order to advance its goals, usually acts in two ways:

1 – Either from beginning establishes new sects to suit the conditions of the areas or places, such as Baha’ism or Wahhabism.
2 – Or strengthen sects that have existed throughout history, such as the Sufi sects. In reality the enemy investigates to find a sect that has a similarity with its aims and objectives and can be used easily and then, it is supported and sponsored for its game. Furthermore, they reinforce the sects with numerous members, tools and places in order to raise a barrier against the mass movement of the nation."

Rasa: “On these basis how should we analyze and criticize the sects?”
Biranvand: “If we want to criticize the cult, we should be critical to them from two angles, i.e. most denominations have two fundamental problems: One is that they are in opposition with Islam, with deviations in three areas such as doctrinal, religious legal and ethical, which all of them should be discussed and analyzed separately.
At present, most sects, including Baha’ism, Wahhabism and new mysticism, especially the existing Sufism, which I like to refer to them as “new Sufism” or “sect Sufism”, which in itself splits into many branches, are not exempt from what I mentioned.
Secondly, the sect criticized due to their confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which these days, the majority of these sects are in opposition to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which took place based on the Koran and the path of the Prophet. Actually, some of these sects have become an illegal opposition, opposing against the regime."

Rasa:  – "Are the active sects in Iran against the government or against Islam?" Biranvand: "In terms of organization, structure and content, most of these sects have major differences with each other, and in some cases two branches of the same sect do not agree with each other; and because of this, they must be classified according to the review that I have written.
For example, the main problem of some of these sects is deviation from the path of Islam, which has caused deviations and heresies in people’s beliefs and sharia, or in ethical issues; however in politics, they do not conflict with the government, and act neutral towards it, but some sects within the regime, not only  cause different religious deviations and heresies, they adjust their own policies in conflict with the glorious Islamic Republic. For example, some Sufi sects are of these types, in particular, the sect of Nematollahi Nodehi Beidokhti, who are also known as “Gonabadiye”.
On one hand, they cause as much heresy in religion as they want, and on the other hand, their leaders from outside of Iran, use the advertising facilities provided to them by the west, and have started their activities against the regime, and are looking to create obstacles for the regime; therefore, if you pay attention to the Sufis, particularly this sect, it is completely obvious that they are in conflict and contradiction in the field of manner and action.
On the one hand they want to stay within the regime, and on the other hand they want to be against the regime; this means that they are behaving completely unprofessionally, and are not following the rules of the game. Because of this, in the riots of 2009, some dervishes of this sect played a significant role in the chaos and disturbance caused that year, such that in some cases, some members of this sect were arrested and detained. It was later revealed, after questioning these prisoners that they had been ordered to take part in the riots and cause disruptions.

Rasa: –  The sects leaders outside of Iran, have any followers and support?
Biranvand:  I wish they had! Unfortunately these people who are playing a role of connector in overseas, they don’t even have honour, shame for themselves and not for the other members of the sect.
These people are selling themselves just to get hold of a piece of bread and their own benefit, which does not match with any principles of Islam and human dignity.
In fact they are cheating the human rights. You can see people like ( Mostafa Azmayaesh) or ( Zara Noorani) are rejected from the sectarian and also outcast by Islamic Republic of Iran.
They are even trying so hard in overseas, they still cannot receive people’s attention and this becomes as one of their wish to receive people’s attention, therefore for this purpose they will do any ignominy.
One of them, – even saying his name is a disgraceful thing to do -is spying for the west, especially France and is launching a ridiculous and childish website that includes insulting and profane content against people and government of Iran, of course maybe they know this as one of their stages of the spiritual journey to God, and with this they betray people of Iran who are always willing to give their life in order not to let the barbarians reach our country.
Another person, when she realised that no one payed attention to her, unveiled her hejab, danced and played Daf in front of Embassies thus trying to complete her spiritual journey to God!
People who lost their way and are captured within some of these sects, the sects who only care about this material world, should really think about what disaster happened to the original mystics and Sufism, of which now the people I mentioned are the speaker.

Rasa: – "Have these people who are the residents of overseas ever been critical and has there been any answer to that?"
Biranvand: "I think these traitors are not worth to be criticised. Even when our friends upload something about Sufism, until now none of them had an answer to that and this indicates their frailty.
However sometimes they upload some swearing letters as replies to our friends scientific literature review, this is very childish and is illegal, however for a few moments they cause problems for the entry of the server and make smile on our friends face. 

Rasa: – "What should we do in contrast to them?"
Biranvand: With all the points, which have been mentioned we have reached the point that we are in the necessity of more motivated work in contrast to these misguided sects.
Our goal is to raise peoples awareness of the risk of innovation and deviation of these sects, so people can be aware of these sects which try to fool people. These sects look for ways to attract the public, however we will warn people to be careful not to be fooled by these jobber sects and to be careful with this opportunistic people who are saying they have seen the Imam, they saw God and our pole is the imam of this time.
However they just looking to attract poor ordinary people to receive benefit of them to reach their wishes in this mortal world.
Another way for contrasting these sects is to limiting their activities with a comprehensive and accurate plan." 
Rasa:  "Your last statements to this matter…?"
Biranvand: "I had a talk with the sects that live in the system, for those ones who are outside of the country, whatever or how much they can, they scream. But to those who are in the country they should be aware of the fact that they live in a state which has not achieved easily, and the support of that after God and the profits and his relatives is the blood of the martyrs and their family and the faithful and brave nation of Iran, therefore they should not separate themselves from the united and massive line of Iranians and in practice follow the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although there is criticism, however we definitely respected them.
However, if they do not respect, but comply and in practice become one of the completion puzzle for enemies goal against Iran, they should know and be assured that the noble nation of Iran will not leave unanswered their behaviour and they will be treated by the rule and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran."


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