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The ultimate goal of the brilliant civilization of the Islamic Awakening

"In the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful.
Dear guests, I welcome you and want from the compassionate god to make our effort fruitful towards the victory of the Muslims.
The issue of "Islamic Awakening" that this conference is about, is the most astonishing event in the history of the islamic world and the muslim community.
It is a great occurrence that if by the help of God, we stay healthy and continue on the right track, there is a prospect not only to create an islamic civilazation for the muslim community, but for the entire world.
What we see today, and no intelligent human being can deny is that Islam has now arisen from its corner and has found a new place playing an essential role for the events taking place around the world.
Islam is now showing a newer point of view for politics, government and social movements. And this is of importance because the defeat of communism and liberalism has created a void which Islam can fill. The first results are the latest events in North Africa and the Arabic area and these results also  tell about the greater truth in the events of the future.
The Islamic awakening that the representatives of the arrogant nations do not even dare to mention, is a truth that one can now see across almost the entire Islamic world. The most important signs of this awakening is the increasing interest of the youth towards recreating the splendor of Islam, and their growing knowledge about the nature of the domination of the international system, and the oppression of governments that have oppressed the Islamic and non-Islamic East with their bloody claws and used the veil of modernity and culture to ruthlessly violate the nations for more than 200 years. 
Along with this blessed awakening there are some secret aspects, but what is certain is the result of the recent events in North Africa, and by this fact we are assured that there is even greater events to come.
The fulfillment of the divine promises is an encouraging sign that gives a hint towards even greater good news. The Quran tells of two stories and gives the example of this strategy.
At the harsh moment when Moses’ mother was told to place the basket carrying her baby into the water, the first divine promise that was the smaller one was that:
“This baby will grow up to be a prophet of God.”
So this was a little sign for the assurance of the hearts and after years the real promise was realized and changed the history when Moses became a prophet.
The other example is the power of God to destroy those who wanted to attack the Holy House of the Ka’aba, and there are many such examples in the Quran.   
Or the day in which Islam was victorious in Iran and was able to win over the USA and Zionism in one of the most important areas in this region, the wise men understood that other victories were yet to come.
The shining truth of the Islamic Republic that even our enemies confess of is all because of the promise of God. And our people will always stand strong towards the temptations of those who propagate fear.
The people who have arisen in front of their governments who were the toys of the arrogant nations now share this experience.
To stand strong and be patient and to believe in the promise of god will lead us to the Islamic civilization.
Now that many clerics are present at this gathering, I feel that mentioning some issues are crucial for the “awakening of Islam”.
The first topic is that the first calls of awakening in the past that led to these victories are due to the religious leader and the religious people armed with weapons, and great personalities such as, Jamal Addin, Mohammed Abde, Mirzaye Shirazi, Mullah Khorasani, Mahmod al Hassan, Mohammad Ali, Sheikh Fazlollah, Haj Aqa Norollah, Abol Ali Modody, and many other great souls and people of jihad within, Iran, Egypt, India, Iraq.
In modern time, the name of the brilliant and great “imam Khomeini” is like a shining star in the heaven of Islamic revolution. Meanwhile, hundreds of well known and thousands of unknown knowledgeable persons say that the Islamic revolution in Iran was the reason for reform in other countries as well. Names such as Hassan al Bana and Eqbal Lahory that were not Mullahs are also great and their deeds astonishing.
The Mullahs and Clerics have always been the source of thought and a cure for the heart of people, and anytime in the history that the Clerics have led the people and with their leadership delivered them from danger, the results have been very good.
This fact has many benefits for the awakening of Islam, but it has created turbulences for the enemies of Islamic ideas and created many problems for them. And that is why they try to bring down such Clerics from their high position in politics and religion and to create new leaders for them because they have learned that it is possible to compromise the ideas of religion with some of these new leaders. Something that is never possible with strong and faithful clerics.
This fact makes the burden of Clerics even heavier. The Clerics must be always aware the new strategies of the enemy and not to be fooled by their tricks.
Today we are living in a time in which we experience the progress of Islam. But these days we see  that the U.S.A. and the Zionists are trying from one hand to create Islamic representatives with vague thoughts. And from the other hand they are trying to attract people towards wrongful doings. The real representatives of Islam that are the keepers of the religion must be very, very careful.
The other point is to have long term plans for the upbringing of Islam in the Muslim countries. It is from this point of view that we can create an awakening in the nations. So we have to learn this point of view in order that we can more clearly plan for the way of the long road and short road.
The final goal cannot be anything less than creating the illuminating “Islamic civilization”.
The people of Islam must use all the potentials of their societies and countries to reach a civilization in accordance to the Koran. The main particularity of this civilization is that human beings benefit from all the material and spiritual potential that God has given us so that we can secure the natural and physical world.
The face of this civilization is a democracy based on the laws extracted from the Koran; such as Jihad and the answer to the new needs of humanity, and to avoid sinning and to avoid adding new ideas to the religion, and to bring comfort and economic stability, and to bring justice to society, and free the economy from usury, and to spread good manners, and to protect the victims in the world, and to work hard. 
The Cleric’s observation and supervising is of essence within everything from human rights to the system of education, from economical to industrial issues, and from the modern media to art and cinema.  From the international relationships to whatsoever…
Experience has shown that we can and are able to reach this goal. So we shouldn’t look pessimistic at this idea. Being pessimistic to your abilities means to deny the gift of God. And to forget the help of God is to fall down in the well of depression. We can break the scientific and economic supremacy of the world’s most powerful nations, and to bring the truth of Islam to the majority of the people of the world that are in the bondage of their brutal governments. The Islamic civilization can bring belief, science, good manners, continuous jihad, and visionary thinking.
The third point is that we should gain wisdom from our past, and the fact that following the western way of thinking and politics will only bring bad fortune among the people. Muslim countries have for more than hundred years experienced the black side of following the horrible behavior for politics, ethics and economics.
I do not mean that we should be hostile towards the West. We are not enemies with anyone because of our geographical difference, we are enemies of oppression and arrogance, violence and bad manners, and these are imposed upon our countries. And nowadays we have the domination and interference of the USA in our region and that is the reason for new awakening and the hurricane of new revolutions.
Their promises should not affect the ideas of our politics. And here again we should take wisdom from our experiences. Those who have opened their ears to the promises of the USA have not been able to help their nations or to free themselves from any oppression.
Those who stay passive and miss the chance of awakening of Islam must fear God and fear hell.
The fourth point is the most threatening issue for the new awakening of Islam, and that is the plan of our enemies to create diversity for creating bloodsheds within our communities between different religions and ethnics. This conspiracy is put to action while we speak by the secret agencies of the West and by Zionism with the help of petrol-dollars coming from the east of Asia, from the North of Africa and especially from the Arabian peninsula. This plan is very seriously put to work by terrorism and bombings that end up in bloodsheds.
Those who see the unity of the Islamic community as a barrier in front of their evil plans see the creation of antagonism between the Muslim community as the easiest way to reach their satanic goals and use the different interpretations of Islam to make enemies out of friends.
Looking deeply at the internal violence within the communities clearly shows the hand of the enemy behind it. This hand uses the ignorance and superficial thinking of our community, and brings gas to the fire. The burden of Clerics is very heavy in this aspect.
Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Lebanon are all somehow struggling with this problem, and we must seriously try to find a cure.
It is superficial thinking that we only think of these problems as problems between religious and ethnicl minorities. The propaganda of the West explains the problems in Syria as a problem between Sunni and Shia-Muslims while creating a safe corner for Zionism and the rebels in Syria that are threatening the peace of that country. But in reality the war in Syria is not about Sunni and Shia but the war is between the Zionist and the Anti-Zionist forces.
The new stories about Bahrain are also a lie. The majority of the people in Bahrain have been oppressed for a long time and do not have the right to vote or any other basic human rights, now they want what is rightfully theirs. Should we see this as the war between Sunni and Shia because this majority of people are Shia?
These are the crucial points that the Clerics should pay attention to in order to understand the plans of the enemy.
The fifth point is that we can understand the reality of the different forces for the awakening of Islam and understand their real agenda by examining their point of view towards the Palestine issue. From 60 years ago until now, the Islamic community has no greater sorrow than the occupation of Palestine. To pick up the fight against this enemy that has no respect for the Muslims of Palestine, should be the main goal of real Muslims. A Muslims point of view on this topic can be the means to evaluate his real ideas and purpose.
Dear gests, do not forget the enemy. If we neglect our enemies, the field is open for them. We have a lot of experience in this field from the Islamic revolution of Iran. When the western countries were defeated by the Islamic revolution when they neglected the power of Quran and the  Bassidji-Militia, all of their secret agencies were set to work for correcting their error.
We have witnessed a lot of tricks and conspiracies during these thirty-four years, and what has defeated their plans are in reality two pillars:
1. To stand strong on principles of Islam.
2. The presence and the help of the people.
These two pillars are always the key to victory; the first is due to pureness of belief and to truly believe in the promise of God, and the second due to pureness of hard work.
The people that trust their leader will always bless the community with their presence, and whenever the people stand strong behind their leaders, no force is able to break that nation. So all the nations and the people should give assurance to the victory of an Islamic civilization by their presence.
I  beg the Lord that you and the Muslim nations will receive guidance and help. "
Original text: adyannews


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